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March 2024


First contacted Alan when I though I had a problem with my water pump, he was willing to come over on a day he was not actually working and fit a new pump but gave some advice over the phone first which was such a simple fix and made him no money whatsoever but he could have come over and charged a call out fee for an easy fix.
With the above in mind, I had Alan do the service on my twin axle caravan which has not been serviced for around 5 years.
He is a nice fella did a thorough job and we had a nice morning chatting in the sun while he did the service, he explained everything as he went and gave advice.
During the damp check there was a medium to high reading in one area, on closer inspection on the outside the sealant needed replacing between the caravan roof and the awning rail and even though Alan was packed up and ready to go he still took the time to put some sealant in the gap.
Overall I would recommend Alan and South East Caravan Services for all your caravan needs.

October 2022

First came across Alan after shredding my electric lead and Alan came and replaced it without any hassle, then I had a accident on holiday in Isle of Wight where are had a fight with a metal bench that was concreted in and ripped a hole in the side of my caravan - I have today collected my repaired caravan from Alan and the team and all I say is WOW what a great job, I was so pleased and I couldn’t stop smiling all the way home. I am not one for normally doing reviews but I was so bowled over with this repair I felt everyone should know - I can without hesitation recommend Alan and his team at South East Caravans Services, Thank you From Rachel Ronaldson

June 2022
hi Alan 
Good to meet you and the guys today.
Fridge at temperature very happy with the service and price.
Will happily recommend.

June 2022

I have to say your team are outstanding , when you presented my caravan on collection I was not convinced it was not my caravan ? It just looked amazing and unbelievable how good the bodywork, no dings, no scuffs all clean and polished virtually like new. Including all the other repairs you managed to fix , amazing and very good value. Thank you all for amazing job


May 22

hi alan , just want to thank your guys for doing a sterling job, great service, from a great team . Kevin

August 2021

On a personal note, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the work you recently done on my motorhome, and also to express my respect for the depth of knowledge and level of skill you showed. I will of coarse put a review on your review page shortly. 
Very many thanks.

<<October 2020


Thank-you so very much to Alan from South East Caravan Services. After saving hard we managed to buy our first ever caravan this year. Being “newbies” we took a risk in buying second hand and privately. As soon as we got it home, we found Alan via a Google search. All of the testimonials are spot on! He’s a lovely guy, offers a great service full of top class integrity and not only that, clearly knows all there is to know about caravans and their workings! He kindly came and inspected the van from top to bottom, servicing it at the same time and explaining things to us as he went.


Being completely new to caravanning, Alan was able to give us the confidence and assurance that all was well with our van and it was safe to start with our adventures. He said, from the start, he would become our friend and he was true to his word. What a great, honest and knowledgeable guy and with a great sense of humour too which helps!!!! 


We will always turn to Alan from now on for our servicing and any problems we might be worried about. We would, absolutely, have NO HESITATION whatsoever in recommending him to anyone who cares about their caravan or motorhome. Beginners especially as Alan will help with any questions you might have, no matter how daft they may sound! Thank-you so very much Alan. Warmest wishes, Elaine Cripps”

July 2020

Honesty & Integrity is alive and well here!!
We are from New Zealand and had left our motorhome in storage in Surrey for the winter, intending to return this summer to carry on touring. Covid 19 put paid to that and with no real chance to return any time soon we decided we needed to sell the Van. Alan was recommended to us by a friend. We made contact, he offered to help us, so I sent him the keys and registration paper etc all on trust. He found the van, connected up and drove it to his own house where he spent many hours emptying it out, sorting our gear, cleaning it up etc. He gave us an honest appraisal and offered us several options. He offered us a fair price, as a done deal, which we accepted. As promised, the money was in our bank the next day. His honesty and integrity is of the highest and I am very happy to recommend him to anyone. We felt very vulnerable being so far away but he never took advantage of that. It is special to meet someone like Alan when you are in need!! Rod & Pippa McCallum

March 2020

I highly recommend. Alan offers a very personal and professional service. We received thorough feedback and some good advice. You know that your caravan has been properly serviced.  Alan corrected a few niggles that we had with the caravan at the same time. I cannot recommend him enough. Much better than any caravan centre. Jerry, Newchapel.

October 2019

Becoming disillusioned and concerned about having our "new to us" caravan serviced by the dealer due to lack of after sales supprt, I did some research via Googld and uncovered Alan and South East Caravan Services. I cancelled our service with the dealership and booked South East Caravan Services hoping I'd made the right move. Not only did Alan put us in touch with a magician of a body repair person to sort out a bit of bodywork damage but he serviced our caravan ensuring no stone unturned. He also gave us some tips and hints on what to look for , how to look after things and some recommendations. We learnt more from him than the dealership and we're delighted with the service we received ! Already bookd him in for our 2020 service! I recommend Alan and South East Caravan Services without hesitation. We invested our savings in out "new to us" caravan and now we've found someone who can help us look after it. Totally confidence and worth every penny. Kev and Laura. ( Pound Hill, Crawley, Sussex)

June 2019

Hi Alan,Just a quick one to thank you for the recent service on my caravan.Took it out last week,and everything is working much better than when Chichester Caravans had their hands on it! The charging,the water supply & fridge all very efficient,and it evens tows easier!! Not sure why,but may be as a result of the adj you made to the braking system? All in all a pleasure again to own & run.Thanks,trust you are well.Brian @ Greylands 

April 2019

ive not used this company before but had an electrical problem . Chap said it’s the busiest time of year and could be 4-5 weeks ? However when I said where I was located he said “ah I am near you in of couple days time I’ll drop by to take  a quick look “ Alan arrived a few days later and did a few tests and said I’ve found the problem and will only take 20 mins to resolve the issue , which he did. This guy really seems to know how to resolve faults quickly , I would definitely call him again and highly recommend him too

thank you so much Alan 

Tom - Godstone Surrey 

May 2018

I have my caravan serviced every year with Alan, always a good and reliable service. Alan surpassed himself this year, During this great summer we had, my fridge packed up. I called Alan to see what he could do, he was so busy i would have to wait a couple of weeks, he then said, lets talk this through and I couldnt believe it? I described what had happened and what didnt work and he said oh we can fix this over the phone, he told me what to do and within 10 mins the fridge was working, no charge he said, glad to be of help! Amazing thanks Alan

Lawrence , Uckfield

July 2018

Were from Lancashire, we had travelled down to Sussex to have a holiday and see friends locally , on our day of arriving we had a small gas explosion in our caravan. The local site gave us Alan,s number, after calling him he came the same day. Alan questioned had we had any work done recently before we came away? we said yes it was serviced by our main dealer and a PCB replaced in the gas fire 3 days before we came away. Alan said interesting, he went straight under the caravan to see if the gas pipe was correctly fitted to the gas fire. Turned out the main dealer had NOT even re connect the gas pipe, it was just hanging in the air.

He re fixed it, tested all the gas appliances and checked for any leaks. ALL GOOD

This could have done some serious damage to us and the caravan! Thank you so much Alan

Barbara and Richard from Leyland. Lancashire

August 2018

I had lost all 12v power in the caravan, Alan asked me if i had checked all the fuses I said yes all checked ok. He came within a couple of days and found the fault in 10 mins and all power all working now. He then gave me some great advise how to check for simple faults for the future , very helpful

John, Pevensey

Oct 2018

We were new to caravanning and didnt have much idea how things work. Alan came over and showed us how all the systems work, which switched worked what etc. He said we would forget in a week or so on certain items and said do not worry just call me and i'll talk you through it

4 weeks later we had a problem with water leaking from the external pump. He said its either a fault pump fitting and or required a new pump clip.BUT he said try this trick first, as its very cold currently, try put the pump trigger into some really hot water and see if it fits into the slot tighter as the cold weather may have made the sealing rings hard and the water would soften them up, tried this and worked straight way ! incredible, didnt have to buy a new £60 pump, excellent

Mick, Biggin Hill

January 2017

Hi Alan,

Thank you for the excellent professional service on my folding camper!
It’s lovely to have everything working properly!
Give your puppy a pat for me
Regard Terry  from Hassocks

October 2016

We just bought our first folding caravan, found Alan and asked for qoute to do a few checks and add some sockets, service the fridge, service the chassis which had no working brakes. I only need say the following

"Hi Alan,

Many thanks for your work today, I'd recommend you to anyone, I really am pleased to have found such a proffessional, straightforward, on time, quality man to service my caravan "
Gareth from Crawley

May 2016

I had a vew issues on my caravan, poor water pump pressure, faulty fridge and water heater now working. Googled local Mobile Caravan Engineer.

found South East Caravan Services. After e mailing Alan the details he gave me a qoute of worse case scenarios total cost around £300-370 if replacement parts were required. We expected the worse. Amazingly when Alan arrived, he fixed the water system in 3 mins, fridge in ten mins and water heater in 20 mins ! Amazing and he only charge £60 what a result. Very very happy bunny

Louise from Burgess Hill


April 2016

Staying at Long Acres caravan site in Lingfield, we had a major power failure, nothing would work. Everything kept tripping out. The site warden said the local engineer is very close to here and would normally come the same day..

After calling Alan he said he would come on his way home, he arrived around 4.50, he checked all the system and finally found two electrical faults, which he repaired there and then, with everything working in just over an hour. He only charged for his 1 hour callout , Excellent service, Thank you

John & Barbara from York


August 2015

We use Alan at South East Caravan Services for our Annual service, but during the summer we had a gas problem? or beit No Gas, our gas bottles were full!!!

A quick call to Alan. he advised us over the phone and identified the problem within minute, as such we managed to get the part locally and fixed the problem ourselves No Charge!!

Peter from East Grinstead


June 2015

We had a problem with our fridge whilst on holiday . We found Alan at South East Caravan Services. We told him the problem and after he asked a few questions seemed to know exactly what the problem was?

He arrived at the expected time, he seemed very quick at assessing and fixing the problem with our fridge and was all in full working order in less than an hour.

Very nice guy , who is very efficient and competent. HIGHLY RECOMMENED!

John & Ann from Cambridge

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